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Real-time Enable Your Business Processes

Streaming Data

Streaming data processing is the foundation for real-time processes. Move away from old-school batch integration and enable real-time automated intelligent processes. We are quickly entering an era where ultra-low latency experiences will be considered the norm and nothing else will be accepted. New requirements call for new solutions.

Next Generation Platform

The Crosser platform is the next generation solution for the modern, real-time enabled Enterprise where everything is easily connected with smart workflows, triggers, and events.

Hybrid Integration

Integration Platforms have evolved from the old and slow Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions through iPaaS platforms to the next generation platforms, often referred to as Hybrid Integration Platforms.

Self-service integrations. Empower your team

The Crosser Hybrid Integration Solution is leveraging the same platform with Crosser Cloud for Design & Orchestration and Crosser Real-Time Engine, the Crosser Node, for Integration and Automation. You have full flexibility to deploy the Nodes either on-premise, in the Edge, in your cloud or data center.

Build integration flows with the Flow Studio using a library of modules and connectors. Add data mapping, data transformation, triggers and events to your flows with ease. Do you miss a module or need to connect a custom back-end? Build your connector module using our open SDK and add it to the Flow Studio.

The Flow Studio is a visual design tool that Integration Specialists, “Ad-hoc” Integrators or Citizen Integrators, departmental business users, can use. Make yourself independent from developers or systems integrators. Save significant time and money and put the power of integration in the hand of everyone.

Integrate & Automate Everything

The new generation integration platforms does much more than just move and map data between systems. The Crosser integration solution allows you to integrate any device or machine data and any data source with smart workflows, events and triggers. In real time.

By deploying an Edge Node in Crosser Cloud, others on-premise or on remote assets you have an architecture that gives you full flexibility to integrate anything. Inside or outside the firewall.

Integrate Anything:

  • Machine Data
  • IoT data
  • Streaming or Batch Data
  • On-premise Enterprise data
  • Cloud Providers and SaaS Applications
  • Mobile Devices Mobile and Remote assets

Built for Enterprise Integration & Automation

Remove Data Silos

Collecting asset data from machines, equipment, vehicles and tools for analysis, especially Predictive Maintenance, can create significant business value. But it’s when you can fully integrate and automate your business processes with the asset data that you unlock the full potential of the data.

Leverage pre-built modules and connectors

Crosser has a rich library of pre-built modules and connectors including a Universal Connector for easy integration to any REST-API powered application. There is also an open SDK so that you can build your own modules and connectors, for instance, to integrate with custom back-end systems.

One system for your data collection and real-time integration

The Crosser Platform lets you easily build workflows for collecting data from any asset to integrating the streaming data with any cloud, SaaS or on-premise system. Using smart business rules that your end-users can build and maintain themselves. Everything from a single web interface - The Crosser Cloud.

Crosser Cloud is hosted by us, but you can also host it in your private cloud or on-premise.

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