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Cloud or IoT Platform Independence. Multi-cloud strategy

The Crosser Edge Analytics solution is designed to be independent of both the hardware layer but also from the data destination layer. This allows you to have a multi-cloud strategy where you connect to several different destinations or lets you maintain your freedom to easily change over time.

Any Cloud. Any IoT Platform. Any Datacenter

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One Platform for all your real-time needs

IoT Streaming Analytics, Integration, and Automation

Cloud services have many benefits but they are designed for developers that need to master multiple services in order to build solutions.

The Crosser real-time solution includes all the features you need in one powerful system. You learn how to design and build flows with Crosser Flow Studio in no time and the Crosser Node

Crosser Stream Analytics Integration and Automation Platform Overview

Deploy easily in any Cloud

The Crosser Node is deployed with a Docker container that you can deploy on any Cloud Virtual Machine. Run it on Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. Or any other cloud or 3rd party data center.

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Crosser Low Code Platform Design and Deploy Data flows for IIoT

Run it in your own Data center

You can easily deploy the Crosser container in your own datacenter. Get the equivalent of several cloud services in one single solution and run it on your own servers.

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How it works

  1. Get a Crosser account
  2. Deploy the Crosser container on a VM at your cloud provider (or your own datacenter)
  3. Innovate with Flow Studio and build fast with drag-and-drop and pre-built modules
  4. Deploy your Flows with Crosser Edge Director to your Crosser Node
  5. Test and Activate your Flows

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