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About This Webinar

Welcome to Crosser and Top Data Science joint webinar.

The vision of AI-driven prediction and decision-making within industrial processes is getting closer. Global industries are already utilizing their first AI-projects within various fields and applications - for enhanced efficiency and optimizations.

But how can you use AI for your business? What are the necessary considerations and preparations to make your project successful? How do you start, and what ROI can you expect?

In this episode, Crosser CTO Goran Appelquist (Ph.D.) and Top Data Science Sales Director Vesa Jaakola will walk you through the strategy, development, and scaling of an Industrial IoT AI project.

During the 30min presentation, you will learn the essential steps of:


  • Setting up the right infrastructure - data pipeline - for your AI project
  • How to choose a development Strategy for different AI applications
  • How to scale your AI project into production

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