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The Universal Connector

Allows you to connect to thousands of REST-API’s

Crosser Connect Tool Universal Connector Wizard

A five step Wizard that lets you build a new connector module in minutes.

Add a logo and the module will appear in the Flow Studio, like any other module.

A short one-time job to build the connector and your team can use it to build their Flows.

Generic Technology Modules

Crosser HTTP/HTTPS Connector


The Crosser Node has a built-in web server that listens for incoming HTTP requests. 

  • Receive incoming webhooks from external systems 
  • Trigger actions in Flow
Crosser Json Connector Crosser CSV Connector Crosser SFTP Connector Crosser XML Connector


Some legacy systems lack modern API’s and leverage files (CSV, JSON, XML) to exchange data with other systems. We have a group of modules designed to integrate with files.

  • Monitor folders with the File Watcher Module
  • Trigger Flows when there are new or changed files
  • Fetch or send files  with the SFTP Modules
  • Write streaming data to files with the File StreamWriter Module 

Pick up new or changed files from watch folders or fetch files using FTP and then process the content in a Flow.

IoT Data Modules

With the generic technology connectors for IoT data and standard protocols you have access to the majority of all machine and device data.

Crosser MQTT Connector


  • Subscribe and Publish MQTT data with the MQTT Client Modules and interact with existing MQTT brokers. 
  • Leverage the  built-in MQTT broker in the Crosser Node and eliminate the need for additional brokers in your architecture.
Crosser OPC Connectors

OPC Modules

  • The OPC-UA Browser Module lets you browse nodes in an OPC UA server and select your tags with ease.
  • Read OPC UA data on demand
  • Subscribe to an OPC UA server with specified intervals
  • Write values to nodes in a OPC UA server
  • OPC DA is supported with a partner solution
Crosser Modbus Connector

Modbus Modules

  • Read data from Modbus PLCs 
  • Write data to Modbus PLCs
Crosser HTTP/HTTPS Connectors


  • Some machines publish data using HTTP, for instance for three-dimensional objects
  • Leverage the built-in web server in the Crosser Node to interact with machines using HTTP
Crosser Websocket Module

WebSocket Modules

Ulf Björklund, one of the Crosser founders, was a pioneer in the WebSockets world and a key innovator in the usage of the protocol 

  • Listen to WebSocket messages over a connection
  • Publish WebSocket messages to one or several listeners 
Crosser CAN Connector

CAN Modules 

CAN is normally used in vehicles.

  • Read CAN raw data from vehicles
  • Control vehicles by writing CAN data to vehicles

Other common protocols/PLC Modules

Crosser Siemens S7 Connector

Siemens S7

The S7 Modules let you get and write data from/to Siemens PLCs

Crosser Rockwell Connector


The Rockwell Reader get data from Rockwell/Allen Bradley PLCs like ControlLogix, MicroLogix and PLC5

Open SDK - build your own module

If you have inhouse developed systems or for other reasons want to build your own module from scratch we have you covered with the Open SDK. 

  • Build your own modules using C#
  • Connectors to outside systems or processing modules. Any type of module.
  • Publish in the repository
  • Start using them in Flows across your whole organization
  • Of course, only you will see these 

Can´t find what you are looking for?

We believe we cover the majority of all systems, apps and IoT data already but there is a very long tail so we will never have everything for everyone. 

However, our library of modules and supported systems is developing very quickly. 

Reach out to us to explore:

  • If we are already working on the connector you need
  • If we can move it up the priority list for you as part of the project. This is the most common way for us to prioritize the roadmap
  • If there are other ways to solve the connectivity challenge, for instance through partner products.

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